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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

iCloud Bypass Remover (Cracked)

iCloud Bypass Remover (Cracked)

iCloud Bypass Remover

Good news for iPhone owners! Our Team comes up with a easy and fast solution to bypass ios 7 activation screen. (Get the Cracked version on our blog!)
To explain more,this tool remove iCloud account stored on your device,and also will activate all device functions(calls,wifi,and so on).You can download this tool below,in two versions,for windows and mac.

-Connect device in DFU mode
-Browse ios7 .deb file,which come with this tool(you can find in the same folder)
-Click ‘Delete iCloud Account’
-Click ‘Start’
Now wait for tool to finish job.All this process help you to delete iCloud account.
After that you need to enter again in DFU mode and activate your device.

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